New Beginnings

Peace, Hope and Abundant Love

This blog will begin with personal stories and stories I have witnessed that may have lessons and hope. I have observed such a need for love and the need to embrace one another as well as ourselves. Life can be a roller-coaster ride of experiences, overwhelming our need to remain open to our true selves. We can be lead by the deep need to feel included, at the cost of loosing ourselves. Sometimes we tolerate and accept going against our values, just to not be rejected. Exclusivity and cliques are far too common in our society. Some may be given too much power and allowing feelings of unworthiness. Unfortunately for some, this experience can begin within our own families, or as we begin school.

My hope for this blog is to reach out to create connections that create love and compassion leading to unity. That may bring people together in friendships but not only online. I will welcome support in creating groups that can gather and support their life journeys. To lesson and possibly eliminate loneliness that encompasses such a large segment of the population worldwide. Now, I’m sure some of you believe this is a tall order and an unrealistic expectation but I have faith in humanity. Everyone has love and kindness in their hearts, even the most hardened by life. They may be the most giving. I truly believe in making life the most joyful experience regardless of the season we’re in.

Please stay tuned as I will fill these pages with love, hope and maybe idea producing sparks. It will not always be happy, but it may bring a lesson that someone out there needs that day.

Thank you for reading… see you soon.😘